Session Topic

Telehealth Structure and Standards: What Every Telehealth Provider Should Know

2020 Evaluation and Management Symposium: Virtual Conference

Presented Wednesday, September 23, 2020


The technology and government regulation and oversight of telemedicine/telehealth is rapidly evolving. And now, in light of the coronavirus pandemic, everyone is concerned about in-person healthcare services, leading to an explosion of telemedicine visits and corresponding claims. This means the government will increase its scrutiny of this area – and indeed, it has already announced investigations. Sure, providing telemedicine services can significantly expand your patient base and boost your bottom line, but that could all be for nothing if you end up paying massive compliance violation penalties and fines or end up in court. The only way to protect yourself and your practice from landing in hot water is to have a firm understanding of what the regulations are, know what trouble signs to look for, and learn how to avoid them. Gain the facts on Telehealth regulatory and compliance issues from a healthcare attorney’s perspective.

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  Heidi Kocher, JD, MBA, CHC — Partner, Liles Parker, PLLC
Heidi is a regulatory and transactional attorney and partner with Liles Parker with more than 20 years of experience in health care legal and compliance-related issues. Formerly a chief privacy officer and interim chief compliance officer at a medical device manufacturer, Heidi has also served as an outside compliance expert to a hospital and a clinical laboratory that were under Corporate Integrity Agreements. She has assisted many clients with telehealth issues, including meeting standards and ensuring proper billing, and has helped clients buy and sell practices or entities. She also has significant reimbursement experience, defending payer audits, challenging loss of billing privileges, obtaining HCPCS codes, and other reimbursement related issues.