Exclusion Screening


We Know Your Business, Your Needs and Understand the Law

We have been in health care for a long time – Robert in 1984 as a Hospital Administrator and Paul in 1996 with the passage of HIPAA – and we know first hand that most providers are committed to quality care and compliance with the rules. But what happens if a provider is confronted with rules or regulations that are difficult to understand, costly, and almost impossible to comply with (even without regard to the expense)?

The lack of any reasonable solution weighed on us and we simply couldn’t let it go. Was it possible, we kept asking, that such a fundamental obligation could be so difficult to comply with? Well, as you may have guessed, we never found a solution to the problem, so we went ahead and created one! As so let us welcome you to Exclusion Screening, LLC.

What Makes Us Different

  • All-in-one service that checks and verifies all your employees, contractors, and vendors for you
  • Created our own database with a search feature that is more comprehensive than the OIG/SAM databases
  • Our database updates daily and constantly adds new Federal and State exclusion database information
  • We work with you to determine who needs to be checked
  • Prepare Monthly Reports
  • Additionally, several compliance checkpoints along the way to assure no one is missed and all databases are checked
  • Founded by health care attorneys with a combined over 50 years of experience

More about Exclusion Screening

Session Presenter

  Paul Weidenfeld, JD, MBA — Attorney and Partner, Exclusion Screening, LLC
Paul Weidenfeld focuses his practice on False Claims Act cases, fraud investigations and Qui Tam (commonly referred to as “whistleblower”) lawsuits. Mr. Weidenfeld has a rare combination of litigation experience and subject matter expertise in health law. Prior to founding Exclusion Screening, LLC, he worked over ten years as a Federal Prosecutor, including two years as the “National Health Care Fraud Coordinator” for the Executive Office for U.S. Attorneys, Department of Justice. Mr. Weidenfeld has also served as a Federal Public Defender and has been a Partner in one of the nation’s most prestigious law firms where he has represented health care organizations and providers involved with both civil and criminal matters, trying over 75 separate cases throughout his tenure as a litigator. Paul has been rated “AV” by Martindale-Hubbell, the highest rating which can be awarded by this nationally-recognized attorney rating service.