Session Topic

Making Sense of Five Sets of Guidelines, Payer Adoption, and Provider Acceptance

2020 Evaluation and Management Symposium: Virtual Conference

Presented Wednesday, September 23, 2020


The time to get started on making sense of the guidelines to be utilized for Evaluation and Management coding in 2021 has arrived! Did not believe things could get any more complicated? Think again! The good news is that documentation requirements for healthcare providers will be positively impacted by the 20201 guidelines for codes 99202-99215. CMS is concentrating on reducing administrative burdens and relaxing documentation requirements by implementing more flexibility and making changes to the payment structure for this series of codes. This change, however positive, also means that we must now use 5 sets of guidelines. This session will present a brief history of current guidelines and guide you through a review of the major changes for 2021 including important information published by the AMA and CMS that will help you unravel the details and best prepare for successful documentation and claims submissions in 2021. There is good news and bad news, but most important will be to have a clear understanding of what your office must implement in just a few short months.

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  Maxine I. Collins, MBA, CPA, CMC, CMOM, CMIS — Consultant/Instructor Practice Management Institute — Director of Compliance, Audits & Education, CoreMD Partners LLC — (Max for short)
Maxine has more than thirty years of experience in medical practice management, adult education and general business. She has taught courses at various levels, including teaching business communications and accounting at Midwestern State University in Texas. Maxine has extensive experience teaching administrative and clinical personnel essential medical office skills such as medical terminology, coding, reimbursement, OSHA, and HIPAA compliance. She is adept at personnel management, government rules and regulations, accounting and budgeting. Additionally, her experience with practice marketing and development make her a knowledgeable and much sought-after practice management resource.

Maxine has served as an administrator of a multi-specialty clinic, where she was responsible for all clinic operations including medical records, billing and collections, OSHA, HIPAA and Medicare compliance, and all accounting operations. She also has experience in medical practice consulting and has successfully launched multiple practices.